Photo Calendar

Photo Calendars

We offer four styles of single page photo calendars: Standard Calendars, 5×7 Magnet Calendars, Overlay Calendars and Trader Card Calendars.  All styles are printed on Kodak Endura E Surface paper.

Standard Calendar

Standard calendars are a graphic image with one or mare image nodes where you insert your images(s).  Each style is available as a 5×7, 8×10 or 10×15 sized print. Most styles come in two different configurations, to accommodate either vertical or horizontal images.

 5×7 Magnet Calendar

All the Standard Calendar styles are available as a magnet backed 5×7 print, perfect for display on a refrigerator or inside a locker.

Overlay Calendar

This calendar is simply a white graphic overlay, with the calendar information, designed to go on top of an image.  The ROES ordering software has a page editor, called the Pager, which you can use with Overlay Calendars to create a variety of calendar designs.  Photos that work well with the Editable Calendar have a simple composition in the lower half. Although you may use an image editing program such as Photoshop to prepare a background area, the effects shown in the examples below were achieved completely within the ROES software using the Pager feature.

Trader Card Calender

This calendar uses the same design as the front of our photographic double sided trader card, but in a calendar format. Just as in the trader card, you choose a background color, a sport icon and enter the subject’s name. The calendar is an 8×10 sized print, on Kodak Endura E Surface professional paper.

Standard Calendar
   5×7 horizontal or vertical $1.49
   8×10 horizontal or vertical $2.39
   10×15 horizontal or vertical $4.50
Magnet Calendar
    5×7 horizontal or vertical $2.99
Sports Trader Calendar
   8×10 horizontal or vertical  $2.39

Normal Service Time: 2 days

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