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Spiral Bound Proof Books

The variety of options and the many ways they can be combined give you a lot of creative control over the appearance of your proof books and the ability to produce products with a unique, artistic style for your customers. We spiral bind proof books with a plastic spiral and a frosted plastic protective cover on the front and a black cover on the back.

Proof Book Pages Have Lots of Flexibility

The background can be a solid color or an image. If you choose a background image you can reduce its opacity to give it a faded look. Images can have strokes around them or not and you can choose from various stroke and text colors. Any image on a proof page, including a background image, can be individually changed to black and white or sepia.

Number of Images Per Page

8×10 and 10×13 proof pages are available in four styles, with 4, 6, 8 or 12 images per page. 11×11 pages come in a single style with 9 images per page. Each image has its corresponding file name printed below it.

Cropping in Proof Books

A unique feature that Meridian offers is cropping in proof books. You may select a vertical or horizontal orientation for each individual image on a proof book page and then crop that image with the zoom slider.

All Proof Book Images can be cropped vertical or horizontal. Square images can be shown square or cropped. All Proof Book images are individually color corrected.

8×10 Proof Book  Price
Covers and Pages $1.50 each
Spiral Binding
includes frosted front and black back.
10×13 Proof Book   Price
Pages and Image Covers $2.45 each
Spiral Binding
includes frosted front and black back.
11×11 Proof Book   Price
Pages and Image Covers $2.99 each
Spiral Binding
includes frosted front and black back.

Normal Service Time: 2 Days

Proof books can be ordered as Lab Corrected or Do Not Color Correct.

Important note: When ordered as Color Corrected, if the pages are built in ROES, each image can be viewed independently and adjusted by our operators. This can be a huge advantage, lightening dark photos but leaving others alone, or color correcting certain photos where the white balance seems to vary. If proof pages are built in other software, we can only view and adjust the entire page of images, not individual images. This is true in other multi-image products as well.

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